Gone To Texas

Author: A. S. French
Series: Astrid Snow Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-914308-06-2

Astrid sat at the table, cradling a pint in her hand. Unfortunately, it was only half-full since the rest of it dripped from the bloke’s head opposite her.

A gang of four lurked behind him.

They glared at her as the sounds of sirens shot through her head. She thought her internal jukebox had kicked into automatic for one second and she was listening to The Clash or The Beastie Boys. Then she realised it came from outside and was getting closer. The goons must have heard it as their mugs dropped faster than a snitch in a concrete overcoat. That’s when she knew what she had to do.

A cryptic message sends Astrid Snow deep into the heart of Texas, answering the call from her only friend in the world. There, she has to prove a seemingly guilty man didn’t kill two little girls while acquiring an unlikely partner during her investigation.